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Brass Hunting Sporran Cantle

Brass Hunting Sporran Cantle


SKU# MSL-1005.3

  • Front: Layered Smooth Black Leather 
  • Back: Smooth Black Leather
  • Cantle: Brass Open Weave with Black Liner
  • Tassels: 5 flat tassels, riveted into front with brass studs
  • Strap: Black Leather Brass Chain Strap Included

The MSL-1005.3 Sporran.  This sporran is a variation of the MSL-1005, same only using brass hardware.  It incorporates several layers of smooth black leather on the front. The top layer has a smooth black liner under the brass cantle.  Next we have incorporated a smooth leather targe that we have embossed a celtic circle with brass stud accents.  The targe is sewn onto the actaul sporran front.  The front also incorporates the five (5) sporran petals that are anchored in place with brass studs.  All extra accents are not visible from the inside of the sporran front.

The gusset has a second piece of leather to further accent the sporran front.  The width of the gusset is such that it allows the wearer enough room to use the pouch without having too much room.

This sporran comes complete with an adult sized (48.5) smooth black leather/brass chain sporran strap as well as a storage box. Larger or smaller sized sporran straps are also available for a nominal charge.

Custom Sporrans

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